【CITY SERIES】 Heraklion Greece

Capital city of Crete— Heraklion, written as Ηράκλειο in Greek sits in the East of the island. What impresses the most is the distance between its bus/ coach portal , port and airport , incredibly close to each other, which I have never see from any other city I have known so far. This is where we took the Anek ferry to Santorini , and of course it passes Milos on its line towards Athens. If you want to do island hopping, this could be a great start or ending distinction. Personally, I think Chania has the greatest Greek food in Greece, and Heraklion has one best Chinese restaurant in the whole country FOR ME ( I am sure it is very subjective but again for me only). Oh, name of the restaurant: No.7 Restaurant, easy to remember and it is at the mouth of port, near bus station.

Here I would post some photos taken during our trip in Dec 2019. Just to get a little bit of on-the -road feeling while trapped for many months at home.

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