Another Random Poem | Renewal

Lately I had sleep disorder, either too hard to fall sleep or wake up. It has turned my daily routine upside down. Stressing, and a bit intimidating, as I have never thought this is happening to me. I don’t want to dig into the whys. Yesterday, I managed to sleep before 0.00 stroke and had a good night’s sleep and felt all refreshened up. This is just the background of my next poem:

Following footsteps of shadows—

In a room full of paper thin creatures.

Screams, not a choice; laughters, too loud—

I buried my head with meaningless things, wondering

When the sleep goddess will return my dreams.

The more I want,

The less I get.

Forgive and forgiven; forget and forgotten.

Take the deal signed by life , and call it even.

Then comes my attempt of translation again.

< 重启>



尖叫, 不用了;大笑, 别吵—





原谅, 你已被原谅; 忘记,你也被忘记,


Not sure if you like it and let me know what you think, hoping that I have brought something positive and happy sleeping . Sleeping well is a bless.

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