Athens, a city with deep history and still lots of its legend are still unknown. It is a city so popular and so estranged. From my limited time in Athens, some quick photos catching the moment were resting in the corners of my phone. And now I want to rediscover them and perhaps try to understand a bit more about Athens, the city used to have much been glamaous in the historian books and our imagination. Like a oliver tree living thousands years and still producing, it rejuvenates and will shine very bright again. Maybe it is the secret charms from a very beloved city, its past and its future.

These photos scatter from 2018 to 2019, and highlights for me would be:

  • the Van Gogh Live exhibition in Athens and their workshop on teaching you draw within a very short span of time. Van Gogh’s writing is so touching and ispiring.
  • the streets, snaking accross the blocks.
  • the view of the Acroplis from different angles and distance.One of my favoirite was the cat sitting so proud and high up on the stone, enjoying a holistic view of the whole city.
  • museums, Cycladic Museum is definity worthy of a half day visit, with its collections and informative setting.
  • Architechure, modern mixed with ancient, traditional but inventative; the color pallete is so soothing and earthly, and it seems that it doesn’t care about what the trend is or how fashion is defined, it is the trend, it is the fashion, always was and always will be.
  • graffiti, some are artistic and expressive, but my overall impression is in some areas a little too much and some are eating up the wall and buildings. The worst would be graffiti on a nice sculpture.
  • but there are so much more , and exploration is fun.

Athens is a great city, if you have any chance to visit, don’t forget to visit the Acroplis Museum ,with lots of invaluable collections that will wow you.

Please feel free to use my photos, and again please add the credits: photo by M’s Monologue.

Happy blogging!

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