3rd time is a charm. 3 is the number standing for the times I have been to Munich. I am not so sure if I have gotten the best out of my trips there. But what I am pretty sure about is that I know some really nice cool people and I do love the city.

Time of visiting : Nov 2016, Nov 2018, Feb 2019

1st: passing-by/ friends favor

2nd: a little dot on a tour group trip line, with a huuuuge group and limited freedom

3rd: with sweetheart. 1st stop of our semi-Europe Exploration Trip

Good places to go / I still remember:

  1. Speaking of food court, Galeria has a whole floor of drinks and nice meals to offer. Quite bizarre for me – food is weighed on checking out. Variety is amazing. A good place to try new food and indulge yourself till your tummy is ballooned up. Price is good so speaking of eating to combat anxiety, this could be a choice.
  2. A cafe where Hitler had his popular speeches back in those dark days. Friends took us there. A dark then lightened up special place appeared behind its door, still running with lots of ghosts and history, now filled with beers and billiards.
  3. A tip of the city to have a bird view . Just climb up the St. Peter. Check out my photos taken in 3 year time span , any difference?
  4. Ally ways,: look at the floor textures and design of windows. Geometric, just amazing. They even have fave windows to match real ones to balance out.
  5. Freshness of food, the greens, so soothing and healthy , artistically presented too
  6. Apple store ( new stuffs , even just window shopping , or squeezing inside and tap tap tap this could be a bad habit, because it make s people want the newer version so badly before the present iPhone is still quite good)
  7. Snow ( putting beer inside a self dug snow hole and drink it)
  8. Strange soup ( liver something soup recommended by friend, bad but curious)
  9. explore super markets and DM alike ( unexpected things and good stuffs with good values)
  10. try out it’s public transport system, and challenge its super detailed map.
  11. An Indian restaurant near a neighbourhood near Munich airport ( forgot the name but I still remember the yummy food there, surprisingly)
  12. Collecting maps , broaches and randomly pick some places , when sticking to the original travel plan
  13. Museums in Munich , I love them ( well organised, informative, and the attitude towards history, good or bad, they are able to face it and make Museum for those parts of history. Respectfully brave and honest to my view. It’s not easy. Well we visited the Nazi museum, which was treated as a small extra little part outside its main building , the city museum. No need to say more about the history, all I can say is we are still quite shocked by being close to those pieces left, mostly the propaganda material, still a very good design if purely looking at it by the lens of graphic design and regardless of the politic and evil sides. Visually shocking and still remember some of its designs in the small room full of artefacts.
  14. Bread . Variety shocked me!
  15. Sausage/ wurst, a rich history and again crazy variety! How is that possible to have so many kinds of it ?!

Here are some of the photos taken during our trips. Only a small part but these formed my rough and vague impression of Munich.

Lovely Christmas window deco, 2018
Still thankful for friend’s mom who picked us up from airport and treated us to a nice meal, then dropped us off at a hotel but the white sausage in liquid was so hard to describe, it’s good and bad in-between 🙂
One of my favourite places in Munich. It takes energy to climb to the top but it is worth it. Halfway there is a coin machine, roll it and get a souvenir coin. Not a bad idea. Address: St Peter,Rindermarkt 1
It’s a place for drink and billiards. Hitler used to give speeches here. We can see him if we turn the clock back but it was quite astonishing to think it this way . Well I played some drunk billiards, seeing 24 balls after a few beers. Address: Barer Straße 64-68 , 80799, Munich
Can I say the thing I love most about BMW is it’s Graphic Design but not the cars? I find it always beaming with its typography, layout, and the way things are presented, throughout its company’s long history.
Nice place to look is UP in stations. Architectural, beautiful.

I’m sure there are so much more to see in Munich. And it would be great to visit again.

If you know more about Munich, please recommend some more places to visit or things to do. That will be great and thanks a lot for sharing.

It seems a bit ridiculous to write about trips, as if no normality will return, ever. Perhaps by writing about it, it is a kind of self reassurance that that day will come. When all bright colours are lost, instead of crying under the dark clouds, another choice would be looking into the memorisable past, recalling some good old times.

2020 is a very depressing year. It is so difficult for so many people, me included. It is a year of losing , a job, friends or families. It is a year of breaking into tears and emotionally drained. But no matter what happens, we shall go on. Life must go on. Please, Go On.

Be strong! Life will treat you better!


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