This trip to Belgrade, Serbia was an experiment, done in 2 weeks, Feb 2019. The idea was “what if we move to a new city and see what life would be like living there” and the experience was definitely good. We tried our best the do all the things we could think of and pretended we were settling down. It was also the last destination before we came back to Greece.

Why Belgrade?

– cost of living / travel expense

I checked info on hotel/ Airbnb, and flight ticket first before we go, as these were the big chunk of the whole budget. And found it was the cheapest of all our trip (For 1/2 of nights, 1/4 of all costs) . When we were physically there, the reality somehow stood up to our expectation. Totally new culture. Simply awesome.

Here was my list of costs. Well I did a through budget plan, and kept them in my notebook, luckily:

  • Flight ticket: Paris to Belgrade( fly in) AUD 282.05 each person; Belgrade to Athens(fly out) AUD219.1 each person (I used Australian dollor because back then the exchange rate was good. A small way to save money. )
  • Airbnb, 13 nights, EURO 414 , about EURO 32 /night. A fully equipped apartment with very modern design, in Belgrade city center. 1 bedroom, 2 beds, a balcony, a fully equipped kitchen with coffee capsule machine, cooking stove, cooking ware, plates , and a fridge, a bathroom with washing machine and a shower. A living room/ study with a TV, sofa, laundry hangers and a bookshelf. In short, it had all. We arrived at midnight, the airbnb manager helped us with arranging a taxi drive who was quite nice.
  • Food was so yummy and cheap, surprisingly tasty. We tried supermarket, Japanese, Mexico and Chinese food, fine dining, KFC and MacDonald. We had twice sushi. The place is called GO SUSHI, available both for dining in or takeaway. Website: http://www.gosushi.rs
  • Leisure: We tried different types of museums, including Belgrade Museum ( actually quite nice , very informative and learned quite a lot from the beginning of humanity to the present day) and illusion museum( lots of fun , and now I really it could be part of graphic design too, sometime 3 dimensional design can be simply made by adding some shadows to 2 D, but there are other ways) , and my favourite: TESLA Museum. Also, we tried opera, which was the first and last time during our trip, again, the price, so friendly. We had some trouble understand it but it was ok. Booking ahead was needed.
  • Random rolling. Streets were full of up and downs, hidden corners and unexpected turns. Buildings were greyish, a huge industrial feeling, like the feeling you will get by looking at old concretes. I’m not very knowledgeable about architecture, for me, it felt like Roman Buildings with concrete instead of Marble. Color pallet: different shades of grey, occasionally white, sometimes bright green( on churches) and pink very seldom.
  • Something special: good shopping malls with local handmade garden decos, big brands like H&M, ZARA, and jewelaries, home decoration stores where I got some kitchen stuffs. and they have great massage shops, really good and affordable. Oh, lots of little cafes. OHHH, try ESCAPE ROOM, solving a mystery with your friends or families. Quite an experience.

– new experience seeking

a bit different from hardcore mainstream European culture( forgive me if it is not a right word )

location wise, it’s quite close to Athens, so it is a good choice to directly fit from Belgrade to Athens. Pleasant 1.5h flight, yes, only the 1.5 h.

visa requirement

Not any trouble.

Would I go back again ? / Worth another visit ?

The answer would be definitely yes. A great place. And loads of young people, partying noises are forgettable. Youth, and make some noise, why not ? I mean, if you compare with Greece ( sorry to say this, just wondering why the government wouldn’t do something to keep more young people and be a bit more supportive for them and let them have a chance to settle down instead of being flooded to seek new opportunities abroad…if not supportive, perhaps connect with them more and make them feel relevant? )

Here are some photos taken during the trip, Feb 2019.

TESLA MUSEUM! TESLA, legendary ! A must visit in Belgrade.
Tesla’s personal belongings . Still in fashion today.
TESLA was a stylish tall gentleman. He traveled to America later, made himself super popular but his fortune did last long and ended up in quite difficult situations. He has a great idea, invested a lot in it, but didn’t work. This world was changed by him forever thought. Still, he would be remembered dearly. A genius, inspired so many.
TESLA MUSEUM, HIS EXPERIMENT , as shown by professional instructors.
This is almost like real. Super realistic. Art pieces from Belgrad museum.
Food bought from supermarket. Love their supermarkets. Food of all types, and yummy. Deserts were sold in packs, really great food.
The most international food chain brand? Yes? If you go, I recommend MacDonald chicken wings. Interestingly, MacDonald tastes so differently from city to city. My favourite hamburger of M : Germany, favourite chicken wins: Belgrade. KFC tastes good in Belgrad too, and has a more presence there, but tastes awful in Athens, and so hard to find, totally beaten up by M.
Finding Tesla!
Our Airbnb apartment. Quite modern and artist deco. A big industrial.
Window shield’s holes leaving bright dots on us. As if it was printed. Nature amazes us with a few designs.
Cute bug in the afternoon sunshine. And he didn’t know he was covered by a transparent fabric. Adorable.
Lamy flows well. Its ink flew with my thoughts at that moment.
I kept a travel journal, a good habit perhaps. Writing in the sunshine, so blessed.
Anti- Gravity?
From the illusion museum.
Found some colours in this grey but great city.

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