【Tiny Project Selections】 No. 1 |Make your name 3D

Today I start a new folder of blogs, named just as [tiny project selections]. It will be a collection of easy and fast little graphic design tasks, for beginners or anyone who just needs a stylish post with their own names on it.

All the little projects in this folder ( I will keep updating) will be tried out by me, so to make sure it is worth doing and will actually achieve the expected results, i.e., of good quality of contents and can actually deliver.

More precisely , these tasks will be:

  • fast, taking minutes (not more than 1h)
  • kind of visually appealing and stylish in some way thus good to post for social media
  • beginner friendly
  • instruction video actually tried out by me and I will send my result in each blog
  • original website address of instruction just to show thankfulness to the content creator – step by step guide will be included in the video + my notes
  • I would love to help if you have any problem during your task, and in this case please leave a comment

So, perhaps it’s time to start something new:

Ok, here is what I got after following the guide:

Kindly note: you need Adobe illustrator to do this task

Click here to find how to do it 🙂


This one has shadows in strange position and rough edges are too obvious. The reason for this was in Step 9, blend steps were not engough to get the edge smooth. Also the shadows seemed so unnatural, and impossible. This was because the direction of the blend from the 1st to last step was not so reasonable.
This one has fixed the problem of rough edges, but still it is a different kind of shadows from the original instruction. But I think it is possible to form such kind of shadows so it is ok to do a bit of variations. But, if the SHIFT key is held as instructed by SPOONGRAPHICS, then blending will have a more horizontal cast, then we can get the ideal effect in the next picture.

My Note:

step1:creat a new file, RGB color mode, any size

step2: type your name (or anything else), change black color to grey

step3: select effect-3D-extrude&bevel, choose position: isometric top, then click ok

step4: select object-expand appearence

step5: ungroup , and ungroup again

step6: change color of the surfaces

step7: add black stroke, 2pts (i did a bit less), click round corner

step8: select surface (hold shift), ctrl c, ctrl F, group then move to the left (hold SHIFT here to make sure it’s leveled)

change color to black, get rid of the black stroke (well i didn’t , so the shadow has some line shades, so better remove strokes here)

step9: select object – blend-make, then select object – blend- blend option-specified steps, smooth transition (here adding not enough step will leave a not-so-smooth effect)

then select object-expand appearence, send to back, change transparence to less %

step10: draw a circle, then select object-patten-make,choose brick by row, adjust width/height, click done (top left coner) and make it as a swatch

step11: choose the surface to apply step 10’s pattern, select surface, then CTRL C, CTRL F, select the swatch just created

step12: select rectangle tool , draw the background, select a color, send to the back(you can do this step earlier, not a problem)

step13: save and export


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