{ Simply Photos } M1

Below are some of my photos , theme: Black & White , Belgrade .

Fancy how Black and white can restore order and calmness when too many colours or things wanting to steal the real focus. It’s a world full of colours and actually it has no colours. Colours, are more like perceptions. They can exist and they can not.

I used iphone and just directly chose its Black & White mode, no editing. Kinda enjoyed the convenience. Not so sure if they are photography or whatever, it’s just me and my narrow idea of beauty in no colours.

I enjoyed those moments of chasing lights. Silly it seems, but it’s the joy and I guess it’s time to pick it up again. To cheer up and be happy, it’s important for daily life. Good health and good food plus some fun little moments – trying to simplify and adapt to a new life style. 🙂

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