【Tiny Project Selections】No.2

Today I would love to share some very quick graphic designs using Adobe Illustrator . Each only takes minutes and will be nice to post on Instagram or other social media. So, if you are interested in creating something , today is a good day to start.

  1. background, change color
  2. text, transition-reflect,horizontal,copy.Object-Expand
  3. Free Transform-perspective distort
  1. shape tool- draw a perfect circle(hold SHIFT), then a smaller circle, align them
  2. blend, steps 10(you can adjust steps here)
  3. object-expand(this step has to be done, otherwise the following steps will have problems)
  4. draw a rectanger, to put it on 1/4 of the shape from step 3
  5. shape-builder, connect the shapes from step 4
  6. delete the shape from step 5
  7. use selection (white arrow tool), break all the connecting points, then delete straight lines(this step has to be done, otherwise you will only be able to delete on the curved lines)
  8. draw straight line, then copy (Alt+mouse left click), then Ctrl+D
  9. group what you have so far
  10. transitin-reflect, vertical,copy
  11. repeat the reflect process, and place shapes in your desired position
  1. background, change color
  2. text, effect-texture, adjust texture, then ok
  3. choose colors
  1. background: triangle shape, fill in color black
  2. text: type: mymonos, copy it.
  3. blend tool, change steps to 30 or more, this will decide the density of the shadow
  4. object-expand, ungroup
  5. change the shapes to stroke only
  6. select the “mymonos” at the front, switch to filling the whole shape instead of stroke

Everyday, just do a little bit of something new:)

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