【 CITY SERIES】 Budapest ( and more) Hungary | 2017

Going through old photos and just start to remember some nice rainy days in Hungary. Three years just slipped away. Looking back, it felt strange.

We stayed mostly on the coach, going from one place to another. We were taken to a place formed by lava impact, but due to winter time, nothing opened. We just walked around in damp cold winds, shaking while seeing the dominant greys, embellished by some occasional greens and flowers. I actually googled online to see the introduction of the place and came across some really nice photos, which looked totally different from what I really saw right there. Could it be the weather? Could it be the editing? I was not so sure about it. What I am sure is no matter how great cameras are, they are no match for human’s naked eyes.

Going across the bridge above the water which separates Buda from Pest is still vivid in my memory. Sometimes it’s funny, photos help us to remember, and to forget too. As if as long as photos are there, they are safely kept, then we don’t need to try hard to remember thus we forget.

Ohh, I do remember Princess Sissi, yes the one from Munich, stayed in Vienna and had her palace also in Hungary. Bought a book about her from Wien then brought all the way to Budapest. Only half of the book is read so far, to be continued. She was such a great individual, but very unfortunately not fitting in. Sometimes it is a bit depressing to read about one’s life, from birth to death, all shrieked into one book with only hundreds of pages. They were much more than that. Yet it was one way to remember them, to let their stories to be known. It’s a great way to get to know people existed long ago but still it saddens me, especially when I read about their life’s turning towards a dark way or sudden stop.

I remember the chips, accompanied me all the way.

The Tihany Village has a kind of online guide on there website. I didn’t see that before. Seems nice, so here I put their website for future reference:


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