【APP】recommendation |myTuner Radio

About 8 years ago, I came across an APP which I still use today.

myTuner Radio

Simply search it in the App Store if you’re using iPhone

  • Totally free, not harassing on buying its membership programs
  • Radios from different countries
  • Radio station dedicated to different genres, thus very easy to find you type of music. Just one click, you can enjoy it all day long
  • Some stations show what songs they are playing , which can be searched from Apple Music or other music apps. cool feature
  • Alarm clock setting: let radio wake you up in the morning
  • Disadvantages: ads will pop up, internet connection problem sometimes
  • Overall, I am super happy about this APP.

A great routine with this radio APP:

Morning waken up by a news station or a music station— breakfast time with some news— then working mornings hours, play some upbeating background music to promote efficiency ( if this suits you) — afternoon tea time with some Jazz — party time / dinner gathering with some most recent pop music— 30min meditation time with yoga / calming music to reflect— night time with relaxing and classic music to get ready for sleep or listen to some storytelling stations( if you have kids, put on some fairy tales station for them )

Right now , I’m on the Christmas music channel. One click , to listen to all. Awesome ! If you don’t want to download the APP, but still want to listen to Christmas music , here is their website:

ChristmasFM http://www.christmasfm.com

Enjoy, stay positive and healthy!

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