{ Christmas} 2018 Santa Run | Chania Greece

So glad I took photos and videos of 2018 Santa Run, which is not going to happen this year or even next year.

Just looking at people’s smiling faces, so healing.

Photos and videos do being good memories back. Surprisingly they are still in my phone. That’s why I can share the moments with you for Christmas.

What is Santa Run?

Here is a brief intro:

 9ο Santa Run Chania 2019 – 26 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2019

Το 9ο Santa Run Chania είναι προ των πυλών για ακόμα μια χρονιά. Χιλιάδες Άι Βασίληδες θα ξεχυθούν στην πόλη των Χανιών για να στηρίξουν τα παιδιά που το έχουν ανάγκη. Στηρίζοντας τέσσερα σωματεία της πόλης (Ορίζοντας, ΚΗΦΑΠ Μεγαλόχαρη, Κ.Η.Φ.Α.ΜΕ.Α, ΕΛΕΠΑΠ) το Santa Run Chania έχει συνεισφέρει παραπάνω από 400.000 τα προηγούμενα 8 χρόνια. Σας περιμένουμε ακόμα μια χρονιά στο πρώτο γυμνάσιο Χανίων στις 13:00, να γίνουμε ακόμα μια φορά παιδιά για τα παιδιά που το έχουν ανάγκη.

9th Santa Run Chania 2019 – 26 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2019

Santa Run Chania is coming back, for the 9th consecutive year. Thousands of Santas are getting unleashed in the town of Chania to support children in need. By supporting our charity you support four organizations that help children in need in the city ofChania (Orizondas, KIFAP Megalochari, KIFAMEA, ELEPAP). For the past 8 years we have raised over 400.000 for these organisations. We are waiting for you on the 26th of December in the First Gymnasium of Chania, located next to the Old Market in the center of Chania. Doors open at 13:00.

Please check their website for more info ( although it’s absent foe now, sure they will come back soon)

Santa Run Chania

We wish you a merry merry Christmas!

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