【Gardening SERIES】1

Well, I still remember my comments on summer peak tourism season here in Crete: so crowded here, too touristy, where are all the locals ? Tourists are taking over the place.

Then, something unexpected happened. COVID 19 hit hard on us.

Now I ask, where are all the tourists? Although I kinda of know the answers: grounded, scared or just taking enough caution about travelling or any other status. Losing something makes perceptions flip, our feelings towards the same old thing have its twists. I know. Sounds a bit down.

It is just very sad to hear people losing anyone, or feeling so depressed and stressful with current situation. But let’s hope, normality will return, at its soonest. I think when it happens, I will take less things I never pay attention to for granted, like food, buying things online, access to education, taking a plane, and more. I think I probably should redefine a normal and boring life— it could be the best life. For restless pursuit of this or that kind of life, the best is, always, THIS life, right now,right here. Live in the moment. No regrets for past and no utopia for future. The best is always NOW. Then now becomes past, we have the best past.

One day in the future, when I see lots of tourists coming to Greece again, I will feel so great simply it means we are finally ok and humanity can overcome this challenge and we will love more and hate less and we revive.

Tourism means a lot to Greek economy. But what if there is no one visiting, what could be done as an alternative? For me, it could be gardening. It makes people occupied, thus worry less and live a bit more. It provides fresh and organic food, and you know where they are from. It could be an experiment ans a beginning of new ideas like permaculture. It is part of the nature, you see the whole lifecycle of the plants. It helps us to learn how to care. It helps us to see the weeds and insects coming and going. This experience is something.

Adding some photos from our garden this year. If growing something is what you can do, why not ?

Gardening might bring you balance and joy. A way out. Another perspective. Or just fruits. The worst would be dead seedlings or seeds that never sprout.

It’s a tough plant. New generation strives to survive.
Direct sowing works! It’s wonderful to see them coming out.
Yellow melon , if I remember it right.
Growing seedling at home. Watching them each day is loads of fun.
Lots of tomatoes. Amazing!
Transferred to a larger container.
These are my mother in law’s cucumbers, growing so fast.
Doing well on the ground. Who says cucumbers have to climb?
Harvest within 1 month since transplant in ground.
One type of tomatoes. I have bought 4 or 5 types of seeds from supermarket.
There they are, growing fast, from a tiny piece of seed to a maturing one.
First time success with strawberries. They smell fantastic. But bugs will get them first when they are red enough to eat.

Start growing something if you can. Honestly,I think this process is a bit challenging but also healing.

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