Cover Photo : Milos Island, Greece, by M

Vegetable garden 2

It’s been a joyful thing to grow some greens in our garden/balcony. Pepper, tomatoes, and some cucumbers. And… basil of course. Enjoying the green moments. Love the nature. Amazing graceful nature.

【Gardening SERIES】1

Well, I still remember my comments on summer peak tourism season here in Crete: so crowded here, too touristy, where are all the locals ? Tourists are taking over the place. Then, something unexpected happened. COVID 19 hit hard on us. Now I ask, where are all the tourists? Although I kinda of know theContinue reading “【Gardening SERIES】1”

【movie posters】#1

IT’S OFFICIALLY 2021. Heartaches and headaches from the chaotic 2020 are still here, but it is a refreshing start, hopefully and blissfully. This year, I am going to share more great sites and artists with you along the way. And still , I will continue doing small graphic design projects together with you. Sharing photosContinue reading “【movie posters】#1”


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