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Unit Editions is an independent publishing venture, producing books for an international audience of designers, design students and followers of visual culture. The company was formed in 2009 by Tony Brook, Patricia Finegan (both Spin) and Adrian Shaughnessy.

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Vegetable garden 2

It’s been a joyful thing to grow some greens in our garden/balcony. Pepper, tomatoes, and some cucumbers. And… basil of course.

Enjoying the green moments. Love the nature.

Amazing graceful nature.

【Gardening SERIES】1

Well, I still remember my comments on summer peak tourism season here in Crete: so crowded here, too touristy, where are all the locals ? Tourists are taking over the place.

Then, something unexpected happened. COVID 19 hit hard on us.

Now I ask, where are all the tourists? Although I kinda of know the answers: grounded, scared or just taking enough caution about travelling or any other status. Losing something makes perceptions flip, our feelings towards the same old thing have its twists. I know. Sounds a bit down.

It is just very sad to hear people losing anyone, or feeling so depressed and stressful with current situation. But let’s hope, normality will return, at its soonest. I think when it happens, I will take less things I never pay attention to for granted, like food, buying things online, access to education, taking a plane, and more. I think I probably should redefine a normal and boring life— it could be the best life. For restless pursuit of this or that kind of life, the best is, always, THIS life, right now,right here. Live in the moment. No regrets for past and no utopia for future. The best is always NOW. Then now becomes past, we have the best past.

One day in the future, when I see lots of tourists coming to Greece again, I will feel so great simply it means we are finally ok and humanity can overcome this challenge and we will love more and hate less and we revive.

Tourism means a lot to Greek economy. But what if there is no one visiting, what could be done as an alternative? For me, it could be gardening. It makes people occupied, thus worry less and live a bit more. It provides fresh and organic food, and you know where they are from. It could be an experiment ans a beginning of new ideas like permaculture. It is part of the nature, you see the whole lifecycle of the plants. It helps us to learn how to care. It helps us to see the weeds and insects coming and going. This experience is something.

Adding some photos from our garden this year. If growing something is what you can do, why not ?

Gardening might bring you balance and joy. A way out. Another perspective. Or just fruits. The worst would be dead seedlings or seeds that never sprout.

It’s a tough plant. New generation strives to survive.
Direct sowing works! It’s wonderful to see them coming out.
Yellow melon , if I remember it right.
Growing seedling at home. Watching them each day is loads of fun.
Lots of tomatoes. Amazing!
Transferred to a larger container.
These are my mother in law’s cucumbers, growing so fast.
Doing well on the ground. Who says cucumbers have to climb?
Harvest within 1 month since transplant in ground.
One type of tomatoes. I have bought 4 or 5 types of seeds from supermarket.
There they are, growing fast, from a tiny piece of seed to a maturing one.
First time success with strawberries. They smell fantastic. But bugs will get them first when they are red enough to eat.

Start growing something if you can. Honestly,I think this process is a bit challenging but also healing.

【CITY SERIES】Yunnan |China

It’s been a while since my last update.

Just come and share some photos from a trip loooooog time ago and almost forgotten, possible year 2013 if I remember it correctly

Tiger leaping gorge, a 2-day climbing experience

old Chinese towns and great food, esp mushrooms and local specials, worth a try

Feeling prisoned at home due to the grounding policy. How are you feeling?

It’s has been a bit tooooo looooog.

【tiny design project】letter with 2.5 D effect

This is actually very simple to do. Here are the steps:

1/ open AI

2/ draw a perfect circle, add gradient color. copy and paste

3/blend-choose steps 500 (add more if you like, this will decide how smooth the surface looks)

4/ draw an M, then choose M and what you get from step3, object-blend-s

5/Ta Da, here it is.

It has been a while since my last update. Kinda busy on preparing exams. Have a great time, exploring, everyone.

【movie posters】#1

IT’S OFFICIALLY 2021. Heartaches and headaches from the chaotic 2020 are still here, but it is a refreshing start, hopefully and blissfully. This year, I am going to share more great sites and artists with you along the way. And still , I will continue doing small graphic design projects together with you. Sharing photos and poems, and great graphic design books and magazines will be my way of refreshing, reflecting and learning.

Today I will start a folder of movie posters collection. Personally I love them. Special thanks to the London based alternativemovieposter curator team. You can find their website at the end of the article.



Sharing some nice movie poster designs. If you want to see more, please visit the website with the full collection: https://alternativemovieposters.com

INTRO by alternativemovieposters.com : The home of the alternative movie poster. Featuring 1000’s of alternative movie posters by artists from all over the world, Alternative Movie Posters (AMP) is the world’s largest repository of alternative film art.

Recommendation reasons:

  • great curator of different designs (some mainly are illustrations-focused, some emphasizing typography design, while others just totally changed the original movie posters, which are quite inspiring… personally I prefer something simple and effective, sometime extremely complicated but well organized designs too. )
  • well organized according to genres and movie titles or director names
  • the website has a poster marketplace for artists and their art buyers– a platform, which is quite nice.

Again, a good 2021, for all.:)