Bringing Olympic Games back to Greece, in its original way

Yannies, from Crete, would like to say:

The Olympic Games travles around the world, carring good intentions of bringing peace and the spirit of sports. Yet, very disburbed by the commercialisztion and adding so many other events into the Game, it gives a different taste and cast a shadow on what it should be, as if it is losing its original soul, which was so Greek to Greeks and it is even a bit hard to explain to others. But why not just do as the ancients did, a simple, genuine, high-spirited Greek Olympic Games to capture its core once more. Forget about the complication from politics, commercial purposes, and extra sports, and Come Home, the true Greek Olympic.

Yannies has more to say on this subject, we will come back and update on it and get his voice out.

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on Pexels.com
Photo by jimmy teoh on Pexels.com